Leonid Bezvershenko

Junior Security Researcher, GReAT

Leonid joined Kaspersky in 2020 as an intern in the Global Research and Analysis Team (GreAT). Here, he played an active role in the development of internal tools and infrastructure as well as darknet research and assisted in training courses provided by GReAT. In 2021, Leonid was invited to join GReAT as a Junior Security Researcher. As part of his role, he is engaged in open-source security, reverse engineering and malware analysis. In addition to this, Leonid has become one of the authors of Crimeware reports and dark web research publications. Based on his successful research he appears as a speaker in Kaspersky videos demonstrating his expertise in Threat Intelligence.



APT trends report Q3 2022

This is our latest summary of advanced persistent threat (APT) activities, focusing on events that we observed during Q3 2022.

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