Saigon Artbook 7

Saigon Artbook, now in its 7th edition, is first and foremost, a community project. Emerging contemporary artists develop and showcase uncut work on a stage that is supported by a talented cast of designers, writers and curators. More than 3000 artbooks have been published since 2013, each page lovingly crafted from different materials and brought to life through experimental printing techniques.

I, Me, Mine, the newest addition to the SGAB canon, explores the cornerstones of self: place, connection, appearance and perception – and how these continually interweaving elements shape the artistic and emotional expression that becomes fundamental to character.

Who lives in between what we see in the mirror, and the person others see us to be? How much of who we are is measured by who loves us, and in turn, who and how we love? How do we write the story of what we remember and what we choose to forget?

What do our voices sound like when no one is listening?

If you listen carefully to the voices you hear, can you pick out your own?

The open-ended, delicate and moving answers Xuan Ha (Grandmadeadxh), Yatender, Do Nguyen Lap Xuan, Tran Kim Hoa and Hoang Nam Viet reach for and turn over, grace these pages of the gallery walls you now hold in your hands.

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Saigon Artbook 7th Edition
20.7 x 14.8 x 2.6 cm, 535 gr, 165 pages

and is made possible by:

Project founder: Dang Thanh Long
Curators: Le Thien Bao and Shyevin S’ng
Book designer: Giang Nguyen
Project assistant: Tran Phung Gia Nam
Writers: Tan Yun Ning, Le Thien Bao
Editors: David Kaye, Duong Manh Hung
Photographers: Alexander McMillan